Friday, September 12, 2008

EDF Launches Carbon Offset Purchase Website

Sep 10: Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) announced the launch of, which they say will help bring transparency to the fast-growing voluntary carbon offset market to combat climate change. The website is a first-of-its-kind online resource that will help businesses and consumers identify and purchase carbon offsets that represent real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon offsets allow buyers to offset, or neutralize, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHG) produced from their own activities by funding projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere.

Developed through a rigorous review process in collaboration with a committee of external experts in the fields of science and policy, the website identifies 11 pre-screened, independently verified offset projects that meet EDF's criteria for high-quality carbon offsets. EDF's evaluation focused on the environmental integrity of the projects and whether projects could show verifiable and measurable proof of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The approach focused on finding high-quality emissions reductions regardless of project type, technology or supplier.

Thomas Murray, managing director of corporate partnerships for EDF said, “Companies increasingly see the value in incorporating carbon offsets into their overall climate action strategies, but until now, buyers had to do their own homework to determine which projects were most credible. eliminates the guesswork and offers buyers direct access to a list of thoroughly vetted projects that meet EDF's high-quality criteria.” In response to numerous inquiries from companies seeking guidance on using carbon offsets as part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy, EDF developed the current list through a request-for-proposal and project-by-project review process. In order to be considered for inclusion, providers submitted project documentation for review, including project design documents and third-party verification reports. features 11 emissions reduction projects ranging from capturing and destroying methane from landfills and dairy farms to reducing emissions at truck stops across the country.

They EDF-approved projects and their sponsors include: (1) Greater New Bedford LFG Utilization, Dartmouth, MA, offered by CommonWealth Resource Management Corp. and; (2) North Country LFG Utilization, Bethlehem, NH, offered by CommonWealth Resource Management Corp.; (3) Development Authority of the North Country Solid Waste Management Facility, Rodman, NY, offered by; (4) Upper Rock Island Landfill, East Moline, IL, offered by Renewable Choice Energy (5) Newton-McDonald landfill, Neosho, MO, offered by 3Degrees; (6) Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority Landfill, Lebanon, PA, offered by Terrapass; (7) Greenville County Landfill, Greer, SC, offered by Sterling Planet; (8) Inland Empire Dairy Methane, Chino, CA, offered by; (9) IdleAire Technologies Corporation Advanced Truckstop Electrification, Nationwide, offered by; (10) IGRS landfill, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada, offered by GreenLife; and (11) Irani Wastewater Methane, Santa Catarina, Brazil, offered by EcoSecurities.

EDF said it expects this list to continue to grow as additional information about the projects under consideration is received. EDF received more than 70 project proposals from dozens of suppliers, with a wide ranging diversity of project types and approaches. EDF said it has no financial interest in any of the featured projects on, gets no benefit from transactions initiated at the site and accepts no funding from corporate partners.

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