Monday, January 08, 2007

Senate Committee "Conference" On Biofuels

Jan 5: The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Chaired by Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), has issued a request for submissions from interested parties to respond to five questions related to transportation biofuels. Responses may address any one or more of the listed questions. Submittals must be received by Friday, January 12, 2007, and a conference/meeting will be held by the Committee on February 1, 2007. Specific forms and instructions are provided for the submittals.

All submittals will be reviewed; however, only a limited number of participants can be invited to participate in the conference. The limitation is necessary to manage the meeting and permit a useful exchange of ideas. All efforts will be made to ensure that a variety of stakeholders and recommendations are represented. Invitations to participate in the conference will be made by January 18, 2007. The submittals to be discussed at the conference will be posted in advance of the meeting on the Committee website.

Senator Bingaman said, “One of the preeminent energy policy questions facing us is how to diversify energy supplies for transportation. As our first energy hearing next week will show, the United States faces significant energy security challenges stemming from our dependence on foreign oil. Biologically derived fuels have an important role to play in promoting our energy security.”

The five questions include: (1) What is a sustainable goal for biofuels penetration of the U.S. transportation energy market? And, in what timeframe? (2) What are the key economic challenges to the development of the biofuels transportation industry? (3) What infrastructure will be required to support increased use of biofuels for transportation? Please discuss whether a national transportation and distribution network will be necessary, versus a larger number of regional networks. (4) What are the key environmental impacts of increased biofuels consumption? If some of the environmental impacts are adverse, what policy responses would be appropriate? (5) How should government support research and development efforts related to transportation biofuels?

Access an announcement of the Conference (click here). Access links to the instructions and five questions (click here). [*Energy]